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General Services Administration

Comprehensive Seismic and Life/Safety Renovation Project
Los Angeles Federal Building, Los Angeles, CA

The subject project was planned for the 1.2 million square foot Federal Building that houses over 20 different governmental agencies, a number of non-governmental agencies and over 3000 tenants.  GSA was charged with clearing an entire floor (100,000 sq’) at a time of all tenants, furniture, etc. to make way for the construction activities.  Netsol was contracted manage the entire IT component of the project which included the initial design of over 100,000 sq’ of swing space and a vertical conduit, fiber and copper backbone to the major tenant computer rooms. 

Once the move phases began Netsol was responsible for determining the voice, data, physical security, audiovisual, and SATV requirements for each of the tenants and design their portion of the swing space to suffice the requirements.  Scopes of work were developed, subcontractors engaged and swing spaces prepared and all tenants and their systems were all moved into and out of swing spaces over a period of 6 years and as many as 20 move phases.  During this commission, Netsol successfully planned and orchestrated the relocation of a100 agent CIS call center, and a 4000 sq’ data center housing IRS network and telephony equipment. Due to the sound structured and managed approach, there was ZERO unplanned downtime for any tenant on this project.

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